Beautiful city of Niš, visiting South of Serbia

Several days ago, I went to Niš, 3rd largest city in Serbia that lies on the South of the country. First time I visited this city was back in highschool, and I didn’t remember much, so my staying there was a real revelation of its beauty. This ancient city will enchant you with its hospitality, cosiness and pretty corners.

Fortress in Niš

One of the most astonishing places to visit when you are in Niš is definitely its beautiful, grandiose fortress. It is one of the most important cultural and historical monuments. It lies on beautiful river of Nišava and when you enter it, you will be amazed how well it is preserved. Climbing the top of the fortress, you will enjoy in magnificent view on the whole area of Niš. Area of Niš is very ancient and it has been inhabited for 2 millennia. Niš, or Naissus how it was called in ancient times, was a place where famous Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who stopped the persecution of Christians, was born. When in fortress, you will be happy to see many remains from the times of Romans.

Fortress in Niš

A place that is also a must visit in Niš is its main street, full of shops and restaurants. Architecture of the street is charming, with colorful buildings overlooking the street always full with people. Food in Niš is delicious, very affordable and offers variety of flavors.

Main street in Niš

When in Niš, don’t forget to visit beautiful park, called Čair, where you can sit on the grass and perhaps meditate at the end of day!

This is a really short story of this beautiful city that has plenty other contents to offer. My short visit gave me the chance to visit only these places, but I am looking forward coming back there again and exploring much more!

Beautiful flower tree

Enjoy in the beautiful photos of this pretty and charming city!

Jazz museum
Pano of city of Niš
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