Spiritual quest to the shores of Italy

Part 1

I have wanted for long time to write about my travels. Somehow, being often on the road, and working and studying a lot when home, I did not find the necessary time. Several days ago I came back from beautiful Italy where I attended a large seminar with more than 200 people meditating. The energy there was so extraordinary and gave me another boost and reminder that I should finally share some of my stories. I named this article Spiritual quest to the shores of Italy. Situated in the small place on the Adriatic coast, our hotel became for 3 days a real bubble of bliss, yoga, meditation and delicious vegetarian food. In order to reach this bubble of happiness we had to drive more than 1000 km. Every km we made along the road was the kilometer of new experiences, revelations, findings, and increasing happiness and expectation of the final destination. Every step we made on the road was a step that prepared us for the powerful group meditation we were about to have. We started from Belgrade in the morning hours and the first stop was beautiful city of Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, the only country with LOVE in its name. Ljubljana, as we can see from its name (ljubiti means to kiss or to love) is a place in which you easily fall in love to. It is a place of cute picturesque buildings, of smiley fashionable attractive people, of a great welcoming atmosphere and breathtaking nature in the city and surrounding it. We had a dinner there with my old friend in one Indian restaurant called Namaste. Very auspicious name for the start of the journey! Already that dinner, in a cosy small restaurant (that I highly recommend to visit) near the river Ljubljanica was announcing the beginning of spiritual journey. Coming back from the restaurant, 7pm already, I was looking facades of the buildings wishing it was earlier and I could fully enjoy in the sun the beauty of architecture. Entering the car and continuing the trip to Italy, I wished that I would come back to Ljubljana again…

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