Falling in love with aromatherapy

I fell in love with aromatherapy 2 years ago. I didn’t know much about it, but the very word aromatherapy and plants captured my heart and my intuition was telling me that this would be the best thing for me to do. So, I decided to enroll a course, and some time later, I became Maharishi Aromatherapy consultant and a person completely sold on the beauty and power of essential oils. Since then, aromatherapy has been the everyday part of my life and I am using essential oils regularly. In my purse, there are always several of these magical bottles, so appropriate for all different kind of occasions.

Therefore, I decided that my first article in Lifestyle section of my blog be on the power of essential oils.

What are essential oils?

They are the intelligence of the plant, captured in tiny bottles, with a great therapeutic effect. Each oil is so powerful and has various ranges of influencing our physiology and well being. When we are using the essential oils, the intelligence of the plant is enlivening the intelligence in our body and then the self-healing mechanisms in our physiology start fixing all that was not in balance.



You can use oils in various ways, from applying them on skin, massaging, putting in aroma lamps, taking orally, smelling them etc. Not all oils are to be applied in the same way and you should consult an expert before using them in massage or orally. Also, it is very important to always choose oils of the highest quality, because only then you can know that they can have a real therapeutic effect. You can use oils for lifting yourself up, for calming down, for concentration, for falling to sleep, for treating different kind of health problems, you can add some flavors in food, put them in perfumes. Ways of using oils are so grand, so creative and so fulfilling!

This short article was imagined just as an introduction to an endless and beautiful topic of essential oils! In the next articles, we will be dealing with many of the oils individually and their amazing effects and benefits on our well being.

For the end, I highly inspire you to visit Provence, place of charming lavender fields where you fall in love with the beauty of Nature, place that reminds you that everything around us is so purposeful, meaningful and valuable.

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