Established in Being, perform action

Have you ever had a great desire for doing something and then found yourself in a situation where you felt as if you can not move and make any decision at all. Sometimes the reason can be fear, sometimes we do not feel mature and ready for making any decision, sometimes we are over-intellectualizing the situation in front of us.

There is a beautiful quote from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, great sage and seer, whose amazing technique of meditation has helped millions of people:

“If we remain undecided, nothing will ever change. All we need to do is want to achieve something great and then simply to do it.”

That is exactly the thing. If we remain undecided, Nothing Will Ever Change. Just “do it” is the solution to all of the 3 causes of inertia that I mentioned above. If we feel fear, ok, let’s get some will for doing things, and just do them. Standing still and not doing anything is not a neutral state, there is not such a thing in life, it’s either we go forward and evolve, or either we go backward and dissolve. And as beautiful beings made of love and light, we definitely want to move in the direction of love and light and go forward to more and more. More of love, more of happiness, more of health, success, fulfillment. Life is not static, life is a very dynamic phenomenon. So being static, being in inertia out of fear, immaturity, over-intellectualizing can only bring us progressively to self-destructive state. Even if we feel immature for action, what can help us in this process of growing up is doing things and not being afraid of them. Let’s just emphasize that we are speaking now of the situations and things that we want to go through, but out of some reason, we feel paralyzed and incapable of action. Sometimes, the cause for inertia can be over-intellectualizing. This cause of inaction is a very interesting phenomenon, often very present within people who generally have the tendency of analyzing too much. Intellect is a great gift from Nature, and it should serve us a helpful tool for discriminating things, but many times we become slave to it, and instead of using it, it starts using us. Over-intellectualizing is actually a defense mechanism where instead of feeling, we use thinking. In this situation we are afraid of a possible stressful outcome and because of that we are avoiding feeling. From the fear of confronting all the risks life can bring, we start to intellectualize things and think too much. Never should we be afraid of feeling to its maximum value. The worst thing that can happen is that our Ego gets hurt. So what? You will survive it. Anyway, ego is our small self, which when we transcend, we reach our real Self, our unbounded, great, fantastic, full of love Big Being!

So, what ever the causes of our incapability for action may be, we should just forget about them, and do the thing!

Of course, many things are more easily said then done, especially in the New Age philosophy. 🙂 But fortunately, we do have means to really live this reality. The Key is in transcending. That easy. No mood making but being honest with your self. You meditate, you gain deep, deep rest, you release deep rooted stresses, and then you do your action. Established in Being, perform Action. Meditation is the basis, because you feel more rested and strong, and then with your will and consciousness you encourage your self for action.

I will finish this article with another beautiful words from Maharishi on life.

Life should be lived, and not thought about



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